Think Global, Drink Local

Mark Harper, Michael Allan and his wife Jodi Allan (Mark’s sister) founded Black Lotus Brewing Company in 2006.  Their family business formed when Mark (a school psychologist and musician) and Mike (a financial planner and banker) both longed for more creative and spiritual control over their careers.  Disheartened by massive corporate entities serving up inferior products, Mark and Mike, together with Jodi (a high school educator) created the philosophy: “Think Global, Drink Local. “

Under this philosophy Black Lotus is committed to providing quality-handcrafted products to each and every one of its customers.  Furthermore, these products are to be served to the customer with timeliness, friendliness and individualized care.   In addition, Black Lotus is committed to the notion that this care should be extended to the community at large and the world when possible.  This is accomplished by supporting charitable contributions and activities that bring the world more creation, more compassion, more art, more tastefulness, and more peace.